Welcome you to our Frequently asked questions (FAQ).   If you didn’t find the answer you are looking for, Please feel free to ask us, we will try to  answer your questions efficiently and effectively.

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Do you do excursions during Ramadan/feasts?

We run tours everyday during the whole  year.

I don’t want to ride the camel?

You can be transported by Quad/ATV, additional fees may apply.

I don’t want to sleep in a tent, is it possible to have a room?

Yes, it is possible, additional fees may apply.

Is the tour price negotiable ?

We won’t make life strict and difficult. Yes it is negotiable, at certain points and limits depending on your group requirements and the season and the time of booking.

How many people one 4×4  car can take ?

up to  7 people (Driver included)

Iam traveling alone, only 1 person, can i book with you ?

Yes you can, we have quotes for everyone from 1 person to 2, 3 4….and lager group. and we encourage to book private tours.

How many people will be in the car with us?

Only you and you will be with an English speaking driver, or a driver + an English speaking guide.

Is it cheaper to share with other visitors?

We advise inviting more people in your party and you will get a reduced price based  on your number of people.

Do all the rooms have two beds, or just one big bed?

When you book you will need to provide us with your choice, the price is the same. we will send you a list of questions to answer, and there you say your choice.

Is the hot water always available?

Yes available

What is the difference between standard and mid range camps?

About the accommodation,  In standard there is a shared toilet in the whole camp and you will shower later in the morning in the hotel, every camp is owned by a hotel, so you will use it. however in the mid range every tent has a private toilet+private bathroom.

Do we need to share bathroom with other people?

Every shower/toilet is a closed  location with a door  for personal use.

Can you please give me a Whatsapp  number to contact ?

You can use the one in the description on the footer of the website

What is included in the cost?

The fee includes the a package depending on your plan, Please  visit our “Package” page

What if I don’t want to do all of a tour?

You can plan your whole tour by  visiting our “Customize My Tour” page.

How do I book a tour?

You can plan your whole tour by  visiting our “Booking” page.