How to -Customize My Trip- form works

To plan a customized tour with our Morocco Travel Company, we can offer to help you arrange your ideal visit to Morocco. With little effort from your side to tell us exactly what you want then you will get a personalized Moroccan travel experience designed according to your desires. by going to our “Customize My Trip” page and you will find a form to fill, and below are some details about this form:

There are two sections that you will need to fill,  after filling the 1st one, you will need to click next or click directly on “Section 2”, then  this section will show you entries to fill up to  30 days,  but feel free to fill only  from 1 day  to many days as you would like.

Everyday has two choices, if you want to include accommodation, and if you want to include a local guide if it is applicable, at least one day must be filled (Day 1).

If you want for example to have some days with us and some others free, you can simply type in “free day”

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