How shared group tour works


It is very simple to make a group, just two simple steps, enter your details then email us, and we will do the rest.

The more there are people the more  the price get reduced depending on the number of hired 4×4 cars, so it is advisable for a small group to get the maximum  number of people that a 4×4 car can  hold, the maximum is 6 travelers with the driver so 7 people in total. the comfortable solution is to create a group of 4 people.  or a group  between 8 to 12,  or  a  larger one of  18,  24…  For more details about the car that we use: please visit our Vehicle page.

When you click the button , you will be directed to our online shared group planner and there you can see available tours and  add yours to be seen by other travelers.

Here are some rules you will need to know about our shared tour planner:

Rule 1: This is an open source document and please don’t edit any existing details but feel free to fill a new row and enter details as you can.
Rule 2: Feel free to put your contact (email..) if you want to be seen in public and get contacted by someone and make a private group, otherwise you can use the given ID and email it with other details to us here: sharedgroup@saharadeserttrips.com to be able to get in touch with you.
Rule 3: If you matched a group, please contact us soon as possible.
Rule 4: The time is running and if your record is outdated (5 Days from your available date), We recommend to book a private tour.

About the platform: it is an edit web-based documents, spreadsheets, provided by Google, and you don’t need to do anything, just fill your  arrow, copy your ID to send it to us, and close the window,  every change you make is saved automatically.  So just ensure that your connection is active and you don’t need to be afraid to loose any details.

Shared Group Tour planner and how to join a group to sahara desert trip tours

After  entering all your details and  just for double check you can close the window and  go back to the button and click it again.

If there is a match we will contact you and our email will be sent to everyone in same conversation, so that you know each other and  proceed to booking and secure your tour.


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